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Precision Ammunition April 4, 2017

Gardena, California
This is a letter of endorsement for Precision Ammunition owned and operated by Robert and Jean Gwaltney. Victor Valley College Range Staff have recently joined with Precision Ammunition in purchasing, using and recommending them as an ammunition supplier for our program.

The ammunition is great, but they are even better. We appreciate their approachability, customer service and willingness to assist us in providing quality ammunition to our range students. We currently run nine range courses through our college per year and plan on running more as our program continues to grow and expand. To date we have purchased approximately 15,000 rounds. Not all of them have been expended yet, but as of now we have had no firing difficulties with Precision’s Products.
We of the Victor Valley College Administration of Justice Program appreciate our working relationship with Precision Ammunition.
Rand Padgett

Victorville, California

Rand Padgett

Director, Administration of Justice, Victor Valley College

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the products and service of Precision Ammunition. We pride ourselves in using local products and services in our daily operations and were very fortunate to find this company in our city.

Precision Ammunition currently supplies all of our range ammunition, for both officers on patrol and to our SWAT personnel. We have been completely satisfied with the ammunition performance in our duty and practice (range) firearms. One of our range officers even tried to make the 45 caliber rounds fail, and he could not! Precision does an excellent job supplying quality ammunition — 45 ACP, 9mm, and .223 REM. They deliver quickly upon order, and right to our door-step, free-of-charge.

Precision Ammunition is very reasonably priced, and we know we can count on Bob, Jean and their employees to always do exactly what we ask of them. I am happy to recommend the product and services of Precision Ammunition.


Edward Medrano

Chief of Police , Gardena Police Department

I recently purchased and shot several hundred rounds of both 9mm and 45ACP from Precision Ammunition, and I can say this is some of the best ammunition available!  It is clean, fires without fail, and consistently produces good, tight groupings.  Bob & Jean are great to work with, and I recommend their products to every shooter I know.  Maybe the best endorsement of all is that I will be coming back for more!

Scott J.

Victorville, CA

“I have shot several thousand rounds of Precision Ammunition, and am very impressed with the quality and performance, packaging and customer service.”

Joe C.

Resident of Los Angeles County

“I have been shooting Precision Ammunition for a little over a year now. The product they produce is TOP OF THE LINE. It is very consistent over the chronograph. I recommend this product for any kind of LEO training, or for the average weekend shooter. I put my life behind Precision Ammunition, I carry it in my “carry” firearm. That is how much I love their ammo and trust it!

Jim Edmonds,

Red Beard Targets

“Precision Ammunition has proven to be reliable ammunition. I switched to their FMJ ammo several months ago, and have not experienced any malfunctions. Velocities have been consistent too. Keep up the good work Precision Ammunition!”

Don Trujillo,

Owner, TRU-Defense Firearms Training

“Precision Ammunition is a small business in Southern California that operates on a simple formula: do and supply what the customer wants and needs. When I order I get my order in a week, approximately. The product is packaged in a nice case, the rounds are all clean and I receive my bill and pay for it. I have been shooting at gun ranges with some of our finest (police officers) and have roughly put 1000 rounds through several different weapons and have NEVER had any misfire issues or ejection problems. I can comfortably recommend this company to buy your ammunition from.”

Yolanda B.

Resident of Riverside County

“First let me start with the ordering and receiving of Precision Ammunition products. When I order what I need, I typically receive my order in a week with a nice case and settlement statement. No fuss, no muss, very professional! You can talk with the owners about their manufacturing process, they are friendly and knowledgeable. I have put some 300 rounds through my pistols and have never had a misfire or ejection problem. It is a pleasure doing business with a professional small business like Precision Ammunition.”

Bob Bindels,

Owner, Owner B&B Metals

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