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“I am so grateful for taking Jean’s class and an additional one on one practice sessions with her. She is very patient, encouraging, and knowledgable. I feel much more confident about gun safety and shooting practices. I highly recommend her to anyone curious about guns in general, or for those who could use a refresher course.”


Firearm Trainee

“The class was an hour and a half one-way drive and worth every minute of it. We absolutely expect to return and will recommend her to others without hesitation. A young woman in the class who had never shot before ended confident that she could safely handle a pistol and not accidentally shoot her foot or someone else. A wife and her husband who had learned from a well-meaning friend had their unsafe practices identified and corrected. The instructions and corrections were clear and supportive. She is an excellent instructor, knowledgeable about firearm safety and training techniques. Our group had a huge improvement in shooting skill and confidence from beginning to the end of the class. This was evident by the targets.”

Total Newbie

Firearm Trainee

“I attended a basic pistol class taught by Don and Jean. I learned so much in that class and have continued to work privately with Jean in order to increase my confidence and skills as I work towards my CCW. I highly recommend Jean as an instructor as she works with you in your comfort zone while progressing your skills with each session.”

Starla Nelson

Firearms Trainee

“The best decision I’ve ever made was to attend a firearms training class with Jean. I was as green as they come to our first class. By the end of the day, I was able to identify the parts of my gun, clear malfunctions, and hit my target, all in a safe manner. Since then, I have continued my training and am now seeking out my CCW. I now feel confined to that if ever needed, I can defend my family. I highly recommend Precision firearms training. Jean has gone above and beyond in helping me learn to shoot safely. You will not be disappointed!!!”

Randalynn Rice

Firearms Trainee

“Jean is great!! I’ve done classes with her and Don….learned so so much!!! More in all the years I’ve been shooting!!! Thank you..such a great support team.”

Karla Shatwell

Firearms Trainee