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Welcome to the best firearm training certification course! We offer multiple features, visit our facilities and see for yourself!

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USCCA Certified, NRA, Range and Saftey certified instructors.

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 Private outdoor training range. 

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“I am so grateful for taking Jean’s class and an additional one on one practice sessions with her. She is very patient, encouraging, and knowledgable. I feel much more confident about gun safety and shooting practices. I highly recommend her to anyone curious about guns in general, or for those who could use a refresher course.”


Firearm Trainee

“I attended a basic pistol class taught by Don and Jean. I learned so much in that class and have continued to work privately with Jean in order to increase my confidence and skills as I work towards my CCW. I highly recommend Jean as an instructor as she works with you in your comfort zone while progressing your skills with each session.”

Starla Nelson

Firearms Trainee