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Get to know our certified instructor Jean Gwaltney

Hello, my name is Jean Gwaltney.

and I am:

I Refuse To Be A Victim!

From someone who was terrified of guns, I made a decision not to let fear control my life. I contacted the most amazing instructor, Don Trujillo. He worked with me for 2 years, encouraging me, training me and would remind me to even breathe. I learned to love shooting.

I decided to become an instructor to help women like me! Don and I taught classes together for the past 4 yrs. He continued to teach me how to become a better instructor.

I refuse to be a victim! I believe the use of firearms is the best tool of self-protection when used safely and efficiently. Just buying a gun and putting it in the safe is not going to save your life when someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night! You must train with your firearm, create muscle memory so that in a very stressful situation you can protect your family.

I will work with you! I will help you get over the anxiety or fear that you may have. I feel bad that women are scared in their own home. They don’t have a way to protect themselves and their family. I will help you get the right firearm that works for you, fits in your hands, and that you are comfortable shooting. I will help you get your CCW so that when you are in public you can protect yourself and your family.

I am a NRA Instructor, USCCA Instructor, as a Well Armed Woman Instructor I have been taught to meet the unique needs of a female student. Women shooters need opportunities to learn safe gun handling skills, train, and do this in a friendly, non-threatening environment. My goal is to create these opportunities for you!

Refuse to be a victim! Let’s start your training today. Call or text me today!